Business Integrity in Practice: Insights from International Case Studies


business-integrity-in-practiceBook Title:  Business Integrity in Practice: Insights from International Case Studies

Author:  Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch & Wolfgang Amann

Publisher:  Business Expert Press

List Price:   US$ 39.95

Format:  Paperback, No. of Pages: 277

Publication Date: November 18, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-60649-494-3

Reviewer:      Umair Ahmad, PMP

Review Date:              April, 2013 


Introduction to the Book

This book offers essential insights not only to business leaders but also to management educators and administrators who understand the urgency and importance of developing further responsible global leaders.  The book distils practical advice and guidance, explaining in detail how leaders may build organizations with strong integrity foundations. It provides valuable research results as well as teaching tools, enabling course leaders at undergraduate, masters and MBA level in all business schools around the world.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book contains 12 Chapters, which are divided into 4 parts:

  • Part I – Toward the Bright Side of Organization
  • Chapter 1 – Ethical Capital and the Culture of Integrity: Three Cases in the United Kingdom and New Zealand
  • Chapter 2 – Individual Ethical Behavior and the Influences of Organizational Culture
  • Chapter 3 – Whistleblowing in Poland: To Blow or Not to Blow the Whistle,That Is the Question
  • Chapter 4 Integrity and Anticorruption Actions in an Organizational Context 
  • Part II – Humanistic Management: The Foundation for Building Organizational


  • Chapter 5 – Faith, Hope, and Care: Integrity and Poverty Alleviation Through Enterprise
  • Chapter 6 – A Consulting Model that Clarifies Core Values and Promotes Greater Organizational Integrity
  • Part III – Values and Virtues as Milestones for Integrity in Organization
  • Chapter 7 – Managing Integrity in Chinese Organizations: A Confucian Perspective
  • Chapter 8 – Building Integrity Among Organizations in Southeast Asia
  • Chapter 9 – How Could an Executive MBA Ethics Course Contribute to Humanistic Management?
  • Part IV – Integrity Priorities During and After the Crisis
  • Chapter 10 – Reflections on Building Organization Integrity After Radical Changes: Experiences of Physicians in Turkish Healthcare Sector
  • Chapter 11 – Business Ethics Following a Financial Crisis
  • Chapter 12 – Improving Organizational Integrity Through Humanistic Diversity Management: The Case of Minority–Majority Relations in Healthcare Organizations and Academic Institutions

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

This book provides a guideline and acts as a point of reference on how to define, elaborate, and instill integrity in organizations and businesses in today’s highly integrated multi-faceted global socio-economic environment.  The authors focus on overcoming inconsistencies, insufficiencies, and incompatibilities by utilizing critically discussed case studies from different regions of the world. 


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