Business Benefits Realization


By Melvyn Lee


Large enterprises today are concerned about securing their IT investments. They are looking for palpable returns that are measurable and maintainable throughout their business growth to justify their decisions on IT project investments.

Apart from technology benefit sound bites, the immaculacy of technology replacing “brawn” work, by way of automation, cannot really justify true IT investments. Shareholders and stakeholders alike are much more informed and bold enough today to delve into deeper return values because there are “more than meet the eyes” in any project implementations. These interest groups are seeking profitable benefits that can show superior values from their completed projects.

Business User Community Knows Best

IT Service Providers seldom have the true picture of how best to reap from sowing substantial amount of dollar investments into IT projects. That is because they are simply not running the businesses of their prospects. IT Providers devoid of sufficient insights into the business needs of an organization can only focus on their product features and seldom understand the intrinsic business challenges to map product features to business requirements in order to generate strategic business benefits.

Invariably, it is IT Providers that change existing business practices of an organization by demanding their prospects to conform to its product offerings, often citing time and cost constraints to restrict tailoring of their products.  A lack of business alignment to a client’s business expectations can therefore cause a loss of heritage of practices of the organization that have been proven successful over the years.

Running a business is an art and IT products are used as scientific methods or facilitators to support a business, not overruling it. This is because business users of an organization with deep set of their industry needs can end up frustrated with the advent of “fresh” practices that are not practical and lack relevance or instinctiveness to market needs.

It is imperative for business users to know the benefits that can be produced after a project completes…


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About the Author

Melvyn Lee

Melvyn Lee is currently working for ABeam Consulting (Malaysia), one of the leading global SAP consulting firm based in Japan. ABeam has expansion in overseas and its operations are currently active throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe with over 4000 professionals serving more than 700 clients in more than 20 countries.

The company’s primary business areas are the SAP ERP solution, lease accounting, internal control, and M&A consulting. ABeam has the most ERP consultants certified by SAP in Japan.  Melvyn Lee can be contacted at [email protected].