Building a Culture of Sharing: Effective Project Management Depends On It


By Andrew Filev 

California, USA

We’ve all had trouble with finding that last version of something right before the deadline.

“Hey, did you take into account the latest version of budget? No, you didn’t have it at hand? Oh …”

Sometimes it’s brutal when the missing piece is changing the whole game. Sometimes, it’s minor. But it’s always unproductive, and it generates “work about work.”

In fact, in a recent survey [1] we conducted with businesses of all sizes, 21% of the respondents said that timely access to data was a top challenge for remote collaborators.

While documents are the most common example, work information also can include project status updates, up-to-the-minute schedules, brainstorming ideas, peer reviews and answers to important questions. More often than not, somebody has it in his or her e-mail inbox. It’s just that you wish you had it right there and then, without asking and waiting.

The solution to the problem is simple on the surface: Make it a habit for every team member to share all pertinent information for every project.

In a survey by RW3 CultureWizard, when respondents were asked what makes a good teammate, the No. 1 answer was “sharing information.”

Sharing: Why Teams Need It

Sharing is possibly the most important working habit that we can instill in our teams. Without it, we constantly hit roadblocks to our productivity. Every day we have to make dozens of decisions, and we need the information to make the right decisions. If it’s not there, we either have a higher chance of making the wrong choice, or we have to wait to get the data. At the end of it, we still share all those documents with each other, so the amount of work there is the same whether we do it proactively or reactively. But we could’ve saved work and time spent on hunting for that data, and we could’ve done the job much faster.


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About the Author

andrew-filevflag-usaAndrew Filev

California, USA

Andrew Filev is the founder and CEO of Wrike, a leading provider of online project collaboration software. He is a seasoned software entrepreneur, project and product manager with 10+ years of experience in the IT arena, advisor to several fast-growing ventures, popular blogger and contributing author in tech and business media (Inc., Wired, PandoDaily) Also, Andrew frequently speaks about project management, business and innovation at such events as E2 Innovate, PMI Global Congresses, Enterprise Connect, IBM Connect and more. Andrew can be contacted through LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/filev or www.wrike.com. ‎