Bringing Success through Agility in Software Development: A Case Study


By Chandan Patary 



The goal for any software product development company is to delivery highest possible value to customer and in process of executing the same team members matures themselves professionally at highest degree. Having successful seasons is the goal in baseball, and having successful releases of a product is the goal of software development .At our organization management has decided to adapt Agile so that we can deliver high quality, right quality product rapidly and push the product into the market faster. Organization readiness assessment has been done and the result was at accepted level. I have an opportunity to work with two different product development team and come across both the side of the story where one team has successfully executed the product and delivered by following agile best practices and other product team was struggling to satisfy the customer with various side effects of release and delivery. Both the project adapted agile process.

Customer satisfaction result was good for the successful project; I will call the team as “Project_Satisfiedcustomer_A” and was not so good for say team “Project_NotsoSatisfiedcustomer_B”.

“Project_Satisfiedcustomer_A” team could satisfy end customer continuously quarter on quarter. “Project_NotsoSatisfiedcustomer_B” team was not able to address the expectation of the end customer, missed few of the deadlines and journey is on for improvement.

This paper will demonstrate factors which help agile projects to be effective and factors which cause issues with agile process.

a)    What are the various factors which influences successfully execution of the project

b)    What are the lesson learned and modeling the practices for any projects?

c)    Are we able to develop better software product as expected speed with expected customer satisfaction?

d)    How can we become more predictable with higher quality?

e)    What is the measurement? How many features delivered, which customer said, “excellent”?

I will not be able to disclose the name of the projects or products of the two team. But I am going to explain the nature of the work, culture and other factors which influences the success and failure of the projects and agility.

What kind of agility we are targeting? Below are the few

a)    Can we push the new product into the market as fast as we can? (Cycle time reduction)

b)    Improved Employee and Customer satisfaction by delivering right, quality product?

c)    Reduce development cost? Through Waste reduction, value generation etc.

Keyword: Agility, Test driven Development, Competency, Requirement management,


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Mr. Chandan Lal Patary currently working as agile coach and Program manager at ABB. He has deep experience in developing Software product across various domains and has successfully executed many Projects. Chandan has worked on domain like Healthcare, Aerospace, Building automation, Power automation and Industrial Automaton under real time mission critical product development to large scale application development. Chandan has 15+ years of industry experience. He is certified PMP from 2008, Green Belt certified holder from 2005. Chandan is an agile practioner and Certified Scrum Master from 2011. Chandan holds a Bachelor’s from National Institute of Technology (NIT-Agartala) in Electrical Engineering. He has completed one year Executive General Management program from IIM-Bangalore in 2007. He has published several management papers and speaker at various seminars. He is an active blogger (http://buildandsustainorg.in/). He can be reachable through email/LinkedIn: [email protected]