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Book Title:    Bridging the PM Competency Gap: A Dynamic Approach to Improving Capability and Project Success
Author:  Loredana Abramo, PMP & Rich Maltzman, PMP
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price:  $37.95
Format:  294 pages, hardcover
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1604271409
Reviewer: Abdullah Abuzaid, PMP
Review Date: October 2018



Bridging the PM competency GAP by Abramo & Maltzman is a book to help personnel involved in project management activity to build their competency and fill gaps in project management.  It will help effectively manage projects, communicate with stakeholders and build personal/soft skill; it is a book that complies with the Project Management Book of Knowledge. In addition it presents and elaborates more about approaches to establish a continuous learning environment for advancing PM competency

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book’s structure draws a logical sequence analogy for any new engagement into an activity or project, with below contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Problem Statement: In Other Words, The Gap
  • Chapter 2: Wanted: Bespoke Strategic Approach
  • Chapter 3: Know Thy Audience
  • Chapter 4: Options
  • Chapter 5: Planning Your Bridges
  • Chapter 6: Time to Deliver!
  • Chapter 7: Indicators of Success – How Do You Know if Your Bridge Is Built and Working?
  • Chapter 8: The Feedback Loop and Improving the Bridge
  • Chapter 9: Leveraging Expert Judgment Chapter 9 Ready, Set… Exam Success
  • Appendix 1: Select References and Useful Links
  • Appendix 2: A Competency Survey of 250 Project Managers
  • Appendix 3: Details of the 4-D Approach Applied to PM Competency
  • Appendix 4: Case Study: Philips Excellence Project Management


The book highlights an important concept in project management – personal success factor (continues learning). As mentioned earlier the book describes a good sequence to overcome a challenge or solve a problem.


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About the Reviewer

Abdullah Abuzaid, PMP

Dallas, Texas




Abdullah Abuzaid, PMP is a Business Development Manager with vast experience in project management, business analyses & business development in telecom world. Abdullah has a Bachelor’s degree in electronics & communication engineering, he has Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and he is a member of the Dallas and the Fort Worth chapters of the Project Management Institute (PMI).  He can be contacted at [email protected]


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