Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management


Book Title:    Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management: Achieving the Next Level of Capability and Optimization
Author:  Murali Kulathumani, MBA, CSM
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price:   $59.95
Format: Hard Cover 339 Pages
Publication Date:   2018
ISBN13: 978-1-60427-149-2
Reviewer: David Kressin PMP
Review Date:   March 2018



Breakthrough Portfolio Management is one of the first real “How To” books for creating, monitoring and managing a portfolio process that I have ever read.  This book goes beyond other similar product, project, program and portfolio reference books to physically lay out the steps to take to implement and build a successful portfolio and yourself as a successful Portfolio Manager.

Like all books dealing with business processes it starts out slowly defining and laying out all of the of concepts that a Portfolio Manager may need to know and understand.  Then it provides the tool (mEVM) for successfully monitoring the performance of a portfolio. Finally, it provides proven tactical and strategic processes and step needed to startup, monitor and maintain a successful portfolio.  If you read this book because it is your first portfolio process as a Portfolio Manager or because it is your 100th and simply want to know more, this book will provide what you need.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is laid out in 4 parts:  Defining the essential components of a Portfolio process, Understanding and applying the mEVM to portfolio management, Implementation and startup processes and ongoing monitoring and support of a Portfolio process. Within these parts each has several chapters explain the concepts and proving the essentials for us to successful creating and maintaining a portfolio process on our own.  It not only tells you how to build and maintain a portfolio but it provides proven steps and FAQs that empower you to feel as though you can do it because you have experienced all the aspects of Portfolio Management before.


I was once told that a mark that separates a great employee, manager, consultant, etc. from a good one is that they care.  They care about the people that they work with and the projects that they work on.  They show you in the way they approach and do their work.  I see that caring attitude in the pages of this book.  Kulathumani does not just provide global concepts or pencil in a few bullet points on implementing and managing a portfolio process. He actually provides detailed descriptions on how to start up the process and how to manage it once stated.  He even takes it a step further and providing a chapter on real world gotcha’s and question and answers on how to either avoid or resolve common issues.

I cannot praise Kulathumani enough for dedicating a large section of his book on the definition and utilization of what he believes to be the best performance monitoring tool available for ensuring successful performance monitoring and management of a portfolio…


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About the Reviewer

David Kressin, PMP

Texas, USA

David Kressin
, PMP is a senior program manager in the retail and wholesale logistics industry specializing in improving warehouse strategic and tactical operations, labor and systems efficiencies. I have worked for over 35 years managing resource efficiency improvements and logistics, transportation, warehouse management software implementations in the retail and wholesale warehousing environments.  My concentration is in the high volume grocery, food and drug industries.  I have successfully planned, implemented, and managed several strategic projects to improve warehouse and logistics efficiencies around the world.  For the past 20 years I have been working as an independent consultant.

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