Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management



Book Title:  Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management: Achieving the Next Level of Capability and Optimization
Author:  Murali Kulathumani
Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing
List Price:  $59.95
Format:  Hard cover, 339 pages
Publication Date:   2018
ISBN: 9781604271492
Reviewer: Edward A. Haskin
Review Date: December 2018



This book provides a new approach to transform your project portfolio by utilizing a new modified earned value management approach (mEVM). The author begins by describing the core tasks of portfolio management, then outlines the new (mEVM) approach, real-life implementation strategies and support systems that play a role in making your portfolio successful. Whether or not you have an existing portfolio or starting from scratch. The book can be used in many scenarios for guidance. The real-life applications and even political considerations are helpful guides for any level of portfolio maturity.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into four parts. Part I covers key components of portfolio management, part II covers the (mEVM) approach, part III covers strategies for real-life implementation and part IV discusses additional support systems a portfolio manager would need for continued success. Each chapter follows a blueprint that is easy to follow and develops a rhythm that outlines the goals, introduces the topic, explains the topic, describes levels of capability maturity and concludes with a review of the learning objectives.

Some chapters will also include additional information on the need for the topic, additional elaboration, and “how-to” sections to develop the building blocks of a certain capability. Each chapter summary provided a quick synopsis of the contents and connected relevant pieces of information.


It is obvious that the highlight of the book is the authors explanation of the (mEVM) method of using objective measures to assess and monitor projects within a project portfolio. The authors graphs and illustrations allow the reader to visualize how this would work in their situation. He provides steps to produce not only monthly but multi-year reporting. This forces the reader to think of using this method in the long-term. After the description of (mEVM), the author takes the reader down a carefully thought out path to roll-out such a program.


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