Breakthrough Business Analysis: Implementing and Sustaining a Value-Based Practice


pmwj33-Apr2015-Zatar-BOOKBook Title: Breakthrough Business Analysis: Implementing and Sustaining a Value-Based Practice      
Author: Kathleen B. Hass
Publisher: Management Concepts Press
List Price: $ 45.00
Format: Soft cover – 283 pages
Publication Date: December 2014
ISBN: 978-1-56726-464-7
Reviewer: Serin Zatar
Review Date: 03/2015




The author, Hass, introduces the role of BA as typical business analysis activities defining and managing requirements. Then briefly discussed the struggle of BA practitioners to form BA communities, share knowledge/best practices, and improve outcomes of their efforts. She addressed the current challenges businesses face due to global integrated 21st century economy that has affected IT application, business strategy, and project management. The BA role, in return, changed from a business partner fulfilling an organization’s need into a data driven, holistic thinker, innovator, strategists, and transformational leader.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Hass introduces and presents the framework for implementing and sustaining a value-based BA practice that involves three phases:

  • Part 1(Chapter 1-2) Readiness: “Is our organization ready?” First, examine the organization’s culture. Second, build a business case. Then, a BA lead describes the value and cost of implementing a mature BA Practice. To add value, a BA lead is advised to enlist an executive sponsor, who in return, gives the case accountability. To guide the evolution of a BA practice, a steering committee is formed to provide support.

  • Part 2(Chapter 3-5) Implementation: “How do we build the BA practice?”  A BA practice needs a department, known as BA Center of Excellence (BACOE), which is accountable for standards, tools, and responsible for building and sustaining effective BA practices. It assesses both the team and organization’s maturity and capability; which results in building a capable BA team.

  • Part 3(Chapter 6-11) Sustainability: “How do we institutionalize and continue to improve BA practices?”  Key to success is to run the BA practice like a business. Focusing on effective practices and input that have measurable results. Innovative practices gives value and proves worthiness of the investment. Reach and maintain efficiency in communication and management to prove success of practices. As a result, a BA team will grow from good to great.


The author presents this new framework to suite various organizations depending on their maturity matrix and their desired future growth span. The tools explained in the book offers a stage-by-stage approach to ensure that the BA practice is customized to the organization by embedding the BA practice discipline into its structure, adding value to the customers, and wealth to the bottom line.

The book encourages, locks and loads the BA professional to take the lead and become the organization’s champion of a value-based BA practice and lead the business into the 21st century economy.

Hass, ends the book with an outline of the framework that is based on real life success stories and case studies to ensure the BA practice/BA specialist is the right fit based on the organization’s culture and political situation.


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Serin Zatar

Texas, USA


Serin Zatar currently works in the USA and holds the position of Project Manager-Corporate Real Estate for Caliber Home Loans Inc. She is Business Administration graduate from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and a Certified Project Manager (PMP). She has 13 years in real estate development and 9 years in Project Management, with focus on international clients in the field of construction, real estate management and business strategy.



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