Borderless Leadership



Book Title:  Borderless Leadership: Global Skills for Personal and Business Success
Author:  Zlatica Kraljevic
Publisher:  CRC Press
List Price:  $62.96
Format:  Hardcover, 224 pages
Publication Date:  May 2018
ISBN: 9781138591493
Reviewer: Dr. Charles Y. Chen, PMP
Review Date:  August 2018



Studies consistently show how international partnerships between organizations fail, mostly to the lack of trust among people at all levels of the organization. This is also seen in leading and managing a multi-national team. After all, ignoring culture sensitivities raises imperceptible barriers that kill trust and relationships that otherwise may have been fruitful. Borderless Leadership describes the five-step methodology to develop the right mindset in how we see the world. Using real-life examples, the author illustrates how one can build the trust and rapport with strangers of a different nationality and culture background and establish the kind of relationships that help the business.

This is a timely book not only because the Western world looks at the fast-growing emerging markets as future profitable opportunities, but also the western workplace has become more heterogeneous. Understanding the differences that exists between the ways that the West and other cultures conduct business is ever more important.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This 9 chapter book is divided into five parts: awareness, understanding, knowledge, internalization, and practice. Each part discusses a new skill required to better understand the multi-national surroundings in the world that we live in today. The five parts are summarized as follows:

  • Awareness represents the impact of the transformation of the global market in the last two decades on traditional business. The author discusses techniques of how to look upon others as individuals with interest and needs likely to be very similar to your own, even though he / she may be of a different nationality.
  • Understanding describes how the world has changed from the 20th to the 21st century. The author offers the benefits of capturing the essence of the realities, interests, and needs of those you meet.
  • Knowledge advances a new approach to seeing the world so as to enhance your decision making skills. The author points out the negative impact of our own personal false bias and misconception of others, and how to mitigate them via reasoning.
  • Internalization exemplifies how leaders can effectively apply their updated view of the world to achieve success in a multinational marketplace.
  • Practice describes a wide range of real-life situations that the author experiences visiting a foreign country.


The author draws upon her decades of international business experience and distilled it into a five-step paradigm of business skills and practices. The book provides concrete and compelling examples of business successes and failures in light of this paradigm. Most importantly, Dr. Kraljevic highlights the changing global dynamics and challenges facing leaders today. For example, one of the primary barriers to developing trust and rapport with foreign nationals is our lack of familiarity with other culture and the apprehension and anxiety associated with the unfamiliar.  This is also true in a heterogeneous workplace where the team is composed of multi-national members all with a different cultural background.


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Dr. Charles Y. Chen, PMP has had the privilege of leading teams of engineers and scientists to transform ideas into viable products. His career began at Northrop Grumman, initially as a systems engineer and then as a program manager, he led matrixed teams of engineers to innovate, mature, and produce new electronic sensor technologies and algorithms. Energetics Incorporated introduced Charlie to the world of management consulting. Initially as a director then as the Chief Strategy Officer, he led teams to help clients transition ideas developed in the laboratory to the marketplace, overcoming the so-called valley of death. At Hover Energy, Dr. Chen led the key activities to build a new wind turbine designed for the urban environment. He is currently an Engineering Fellow and a member of the Chief Technologist’s Technical Staff at the Raytheon Company.

Dr. Chen received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. He received his Executive Education from University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As a PMP, he looks forward to leading his next team to achieve the impossible.

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