IT’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Technology Management That Overcomes Disaffected People, Stupid Processes, and Deranged Corporate Cultures


Book Title:  IT’s ALL about the PEOPLE: Technology Management That Overcomes Disaffected People, Stupid Processes, and Deranged Corporate Cultures

Author:  Stephen J. Andriole

Publisher:  Auerbach, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis

List Price:   US$69.95

Format:  hard cover; 224 pages

Publication Date:   October 2011

ISBN: 9781439876589

Reviewer:      Ronald C. Johnson, PE, PMP

Review Date:              August 2012

Introduction to the Book

Stephen J. Andriole provides a detailed insight into the importance of having good quality people and implementing smart processes in making Information Technology (IT) successful for companies. The book explains the major influences of culture, organization, and politics on IT. The author comes across very blunt and frank in some discussions. Mr. Andriole tells it likes he sees it and does not sugarcoat his opinions, but states them strongly and clearly.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Major topics included are people, organization, management, sourcing, and organic transformation. Each of these areas is thoroughly discussed in the book. The author shares many personal experiences, thoughts and advice in these areas that can be applied to improve the IT in all organizations.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

The discussions on people offer an analysis on understanding the diversity of people as well as diversity in cultural environments and providing steps to motivating personnel and improving IT groups. There is good information on the evolution of IT trends and skills, corporate culture versus personal culture, the people placer, business technology partnership, and brands in the millennium (operationally, strategic, and business technology management). I found the section on mentoring, meritocracies, and sabbaticals to have a broad application to other groups in corporations and non-profit organizations, not just IT.


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About the Reviewer

Ronald C. Johnson, PE, PMP

Ronald C. Johnson, PE, PMP is a Process Improvement Manager for L-3 Communications. He has over 30 years of manufacturing and industrial engineering experience in operations, systems integration, electronics, optics, and consulting.  A registered Professional Engineer and certified Project Management Professional with international electronics manufacturing process experience. Ronald has BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has published technical articles and received over 25 quality and leadership recognition awards from Westinghouse, Northrop Grumman, L3 Communications and professional industry groups. He is a member of several professional societies, ASQ, IIE, PMI, and NSPE.  Ronald can be contacted at [email protected].

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