Are we being Duped by the Experts?
Selling Current Knowledge as Breaking News


by Harvey A. Levine

California, USA

During the past few months I have been astounded by information imparted by two leading and widely respected management consulting firms. In both cases, these firms had published papers and issued executive reports purporting to offer leading-edge thinking regarding project portfolio management. Having a strong personal investment in the subject, as a past expounder-in-chief, I looked with interest for the messages that were being conveyed. In both cases, I found myself totally in agreement with the gist of the message, but equally dismayed that what was alleged to be “breaking news” had been common knowledge for a long time.

Not that it is entirely unusual for someone to survey a field of knowledge and publish their findings in a paper or academic thesis. I have done that for several decades, in books and papers. But my publications do not lay claim to any special, advanced knowledge or insights, other than to present information in an organized and structured manner or to influence the reader to a particular point of view.

What startled me about these two instances was the attempt to make the findings sound worthy of a Nobel Prize for discovery.


In the first of the two incidences, Forrester Research resorts to this $100 word – bifurcation – to make astounding discovery #1. The title of the finding is “PPM Now Has Two Distinct Segments: Planning and Execution.” Stop the presses! They just found out that the world is round.

The reality is that this distinction was observed in the earliest dissertations on PPM, actually going back to the 20th century. A number of articles, solicited by Pennypacker & Dye for their 1999 book “Project Portfolio Management: Selecting and Prioritizing Projects for Competitive Advantage” discussed the stages of PPM as including building the portfolio and managing the portfolio. This was also mentioned in one of my earliest articles on PPM, which was republished in the subject book. Managing the portfolio was also a frequent subject (along with the planning aspects) in the 2003 Kendall and Rollins book “Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO.”


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