Applying Organizational Project Management for Scaling – Up



By Raju Rao

Chennai, India



What is Scaling – Up?

Scaling-up is the process of reaching larger numbers of a target audience in a broader geographic area by institutionalizing effective programs. Scaling-up can be of various types – replication, building grassroots movements and influencing policy reform. We would consider here the first type rather than the other two which would be largely used for social sector projects .The processes for scaling-up can be viewed in terms of structures, programs, strategies or resource base which could be labeled quantitative, functional, political and organizational respectively. (10)

In this paper, the example considered for scaling – up is for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)/Retail Outlets which are less complex to implement as compared to projects in the social sector .This paper considers implementation of the former and does not consider social sector initiatives.

Examples of projects being Scaled Up

  • Social sector /Government – Financial inclusion / Microfinance (e.g. PMDJY an initiative of the Government of India ) , Education (e.g. Right to Education Act in India ) , Health and sanitation ( e.g. Toilets for schools )
  • Product development / Marketing / Services – BPO , Software , Consumer / Industrial products
  • Retail

– Supermarkets, grocery, food establishments, restaurants, etc.
– Apparel , leather goods and other consumer goods
– Fulfillment centers / Warehouses for e commerce / online shopping sites
– ATM or Bank branches
– Diagnostic medical centers
– Courier services

About Organizational Project Management

Organizational Project Management or OPM is a strategy execution framework that uses project, program, portfolio and organizational enabling practices to consistently and predictably deliver organizational strategy to produce better performance, results and a sustainable competitive advantage (7). It integrates:


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About the Reviewer

pmwj37-Aug2015-Rao-PHOTORaju Rao, PMP

Chennai, India



Raju Rao
, PMP, SCPM, OPM3 Cert Professional is Founder and Principal consultant – Xtraplus Solutions, a PM consulting and training company based in Chennai, India. Mr Rao has a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Madras, India; an Advanced PM certificate from Stanford University; and a certificate from IIM Calcutta. He has about 40 years’ experience in engineering, process and project management and has been an active member of PMI for several years. He held leadership positions in both the 1st and 2nd edition projects of OPM3 and has been involved in development of several PMI standards and awards.

Mr Rao has been a visiting and adjunct faculty for engineering and business schools in India. He has presented numerous papers in global congresses and is the coauthor of two books – Project Management Circa 2025 published by PMI and Organizational Project Management published by Management Concepts, USA. Raju has been a President of South India section of AACE International and is the founder of the Indian Project Management Forum.

Raju Rao lives in Chennai, India and can be contacted at [email protected]