APMP Workshop by Lucidus in Hong Kong 18-21 September

A Progressing in Project Management workshop aimed at helping project managers pass the APMP qualification will be held in Hong Kong during 18-21 September 2012.  The course will be presented by Lucidus Consulting Limited, an Association for Project Management (APM) accredited provider.  An APMP exam will be held on  22 or 29 September 2012.

According to the announcement, “Project management is an essential skill for most people, particularly those working in organisations that depend on managed change through projects and programmes to develop and deliver their business.  One foundational step on the path to becoming a great project manager is to acquire the full breadth of knowledge, and appreciate how this knowledge applies in practice.  Our Progressing in Project Management (PIPM) event is designed to embed this foundational knowledge in a completely different and memorable way, and in doing so prepare participants for the Association for Project Management (APM) APMP examination.”

PIPM is a 60 hour event, 36 hours of this is face-to-face with us in the classroom and 24 hours is self-study based on materials we provide in advance. Self study is administered via our own distance learning website.

Participants will leave the event with:

− All the knowledge needed to pass the APMP exam.
− An appreciation of how the knowledge applies to their real work.
− A memorable experience with unique and useful course materials.
− Confidence to put the knowledge into practice, and so develop their project management skills.

Participants will sit the three hour, essay-based examination after the workshop. The price includes a whole range of study materials including an APM Body of Knowledge, a copy of Starting Out in Project Management and 160 flash-cards designed to help lock the key terms and phrases into memory.

Participant requirements: This event is suitable for people who have some past experience working on projects in some capacity; the APM suggest two years experience. Participants are encouraged to do the self-study in advance otherwise they may find the face-to-face element very intensive.

This workshop is sponsored by the Hong Kong branch of APM.  For further details including how to book please click here or contact [email protected].

Source: Association for Project Management