Alternate energy project plan for Africa – why failure? The way of Investment


By Md. Moshfaqur Rahman



Big projects are risky so often paralyzed by fear of failure, but the alternate energy is not out of danger. Which way does it work on the African Continent? We offer this paper on this matter.

Call of investor

The orthodox way of investor & operation are: they have a financial & operations model. They follow it and most of the time there is excess cost, so they hardly operate. This is the most common big project scenario. Also the consumer, would or would he not consume? We take the Toronto Metro Rail project – a full failure, but the same project in Delhi is a success.

Africa has much corruption, so the government must be a partner – also the locality we are using, they also must be a part. The operation will be smooth & clear. This way we have investor & consumer. My scheme is that we make the project operational & with a consumer group, the big investors don’t need to call.

Also the hydro-carbon is getting out of reach, so for regular sources of energy, they must be the solar & wind combo. This is a source never depleted & the technology we can develop by 5 years round with 20% or more in production & life span.

Now the situation of Africa is dire: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/831786.shtml

This is a misfit & obstacle for this type of operation, but we must not forget that this region is booming in economics & business – “Leading business schools in the West are getting in on the game. The London Business School held an “Africa Day” in May with a title unthinkable when colonial memories were still fresh, “Africa: Taking Ownership”. INSEAD, based in France, has an Africa Club full of former management consultants and investment bankers who want to move to the continent because—says one—they sniff an “opportunity to work at senior level with relatively little experience”. For them “Africa is like India and China ten years ago.” Source: http://www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21564856-boom-sub-saharan-africa-attracting-business-talent-rich-world

This would be an exclusive call for investors because the electricity (these projects produce) needs no marketing. It is demand without any fluctuation, only increasing. African development & living will consume electricity.


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Md. Moshfaqur Rahman, from Bangladesh, has interest in corporate, government & emerging technology. He has Bachelor & Masters degrees in Social Sciences – major Political Science – and is a regular writer on public policy. At this moment he is working with Solar & Wind electricity – the alternative technologies, having both failure & success. This is a new dimension but this is the future. For contact by e-mail: [email protected]; Public Profile at http://bd.linkedin.com/pub/moshfaqur-rahman/31/70a/877