Agenda for New Government


By Zafar Ahmed


I have always been thinking and wondering how a country like Pakistan can be poor or needy or underdeveloped?!  A country possessing rich and generous supply of all kinds of resources: human resources (with a population now around 190 million), natural resources, fertile land, high snowy peaks, a few in other countries and vast deserts, the Indus river and its tributaries, moderate and bearable temperature all year along, minerals, and long sea shore, historical reserves, strategic location, intelligent, hardworking and beautiful people, and nice location on the globe … what else? The list goes long. Given that fact, the undeserved demoted situation in which our country exists is very questionable.

Leadership problems can derail any kind of organization, including a country, a large Organization.  When the leadership is lacking vision of the future, careless behaviors, showy and selfish open the doors for endless forms of corruption. The result is a stolen economy, derailed law and order situation, lost and depressed people, lack of control on the future, and huge money and brain drain from the country.

Due to our political blunders, lack of knowledge, vision and shortsightedness we were distracted again and again as so many times before, from our required goals. For the last many years we are engaged in fighting with our own people causing huge economic, social, moral and human loses. We are losing our position in the surrounding world. Due to our internal and external policies we are suffering badly also in economy. We can just compare our foreign currency reserves which are at 12 billion dollars with India at 300 billion, Turkey at 125, Bangladesh at 14, Malaysia at 140, Singapore at 260, Iran at 70 and even very small neighbor Sri Lanka at 8 billion dollars. We are lavishly spending on a long list of Imports. We must enhance our Engineering, Agricultural and SME sectors to correct this.

It is time that All Major political parties having base in the people, True Nationalist top notches in civil and defense services, respectable entrepreneurs must get together; join hands and heads to discuss in sessions to avert the reasons behind. The problems are definitely with the leadership, management system and not the people of the country.

Apart from the above to correct, our coming governments in next decades must have on their agenda a number of brilliant projects; a  few  are pointed out hereunder, that were dismissed deliberately during last many years. Such projects are promising to take the whole Country to new levels, and they should actually receive a fair deal of attention and Dedications. The new Government must hire younger, highly foreign educated technocrat Pakistanis to work for new developments required for changing immediate priorities instead of re-examining and burdening the old horses.  The following is a short description of some of these mega projects and the fields required to walk along the pace of the new emerging developing countries, otherwise we will further lose our position in Islamic as well as in the fast developing neighbors in this part of the  world.


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About the Author 

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Zafar Ahmed, by profession a Civil Engineer, has worked in Middle East countries at planning and managing construction of heavy projects. He participated in planning and construction of the first balanced cantilever bridge over river Indus at old and historical crossings of invaders to India near Attock, about 35 years before. He also worked for large Hydro power projects of 1600 MW, 1500 MW and 1000 MW in Pakistan. Zafar participated in the rehabilitation of Adam – Salalah road, 200 km stretch and new dual carriageway from Sohar to Buraimi in Oman.  He has therefore been engaged in planning and construction of multibillion $ construction projects overseas and in Pakistan. Zafar can be contacted at [email protected].