Affordable Project Management


BY Almahdy Eltonsy

Africa Service Manager
Affordable Care, Life Care Solutions and Ultrasound

Cairo, Egypt


The new “Value” Segment

Africa has a great potential for business growth specially in the infrastructure sector.

HealthCare is a challenging sector as it touches each citizen and need to be near to people.

Cannot wait for a road to build healthcare facility; Cannot wait for electricity to provide healthcare coverage.

The need is to provide the coverage with what exist.

With the economic challenges with a pressure to provide healthcare for all puts a great pressure on governments and healthcare manufacturers as the demand changed.

The demand is to serve high population with economical resources.

These factors created a demand for products that are “good enough” and competitively priced.

This segment of products raised big time.

This new segment is growing twice as fast as the industry (in some categories). This demands awareness of the emerging opportunity; global medical-product manufacturers have been looking to capture it and protect themselves from disrupters that could eventually move upstream.

The next challenge is the putting these products in duty with affordable life cycle.

Project execution or execution life cycle from Order to Cash should reflect the economical demands and the purpose of these products.

With affordable products, the whole product cycle should be affordable, it makes no sense to have affordable products with a high cost of execution and product life cycle.

The actual situation and challenges:

  • Affordable products with a low margin (sales margin).
  • Low risk mitigation and low hedging due to low priced equipment.
  • Relatively distributed in rural areas with low or no infrastructure (roads – telecom ..etc.).
  • Hard to find local trained labor to conduct the installation.
  • Low tech, primitive tools only available.
  • In some areas, security issues.

As a project managers with a full ownership of cost, team, … etc. what could be done?


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About the Author                                  

Almahdy Eltonsy

Cairo, Egypt


Almahdy Eltonsy
, IPMA – B is a Senior Project Manager in the HealthCare industry, and the first healthcare PM granted the IPMA-B certification in Egypt. Starting with Siemens in 1993, Almahdy has extensive technical and managerial experiences, gaining the ability to work cross-functionally in a time-intensive environment. One of the most important milestones in Almahdy’s project management career is Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt (57357) (www.57357.com ), a 30 Million Euro Project. As a GPM for this strategic pivotal project, the scope was not only project management but also the service management, in addition to work with accreditation bodies.

In 2012 Almahdy moved to GE HealthCare to work as a product service manager for Surgery – X-Ray – Intervention – Ultrasound – Life Care solutions, using his experience in leading the service team with project management methodology. Almahdy’s motive to change is to take a new challenge and exposure to new cultures and discipline, taking advantage of his technical and managerial skills and using the project management tool box in general management aspects.

In addition to his work in healthcare, Almahdy worked as an IT project developer with one of the largest media and advertising groups in Egypt. Almahdy was able to realize a new methodology and software for Media planning and advertising campaign planning. Almahdy holds a B.Sc. in Systems and Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering, and passed many specialized courses in Siemens, GE and Microsoft. Linkedin: Almahdy Eltonsy. Email: [email protected]

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