Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care

Book Title: Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care
Authors:  Donald E.  Lighter
Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett Publishers
List Price: US$103.95
Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7637-6449-3
Reviewer: Kannan Ramanathan
Review Date: April 2012


Introduction to the Book

A popular topic for discussion these days is healthcare.  Unlike other products and services the provision of healthcare is connected with more profound questions such as whether healthcare is a right and whether it should be freely available to all.  On a more transactional level are problems such as access to healthcare, cost of providing healthcare, and the quality of healthcare.  The United States, despite having the highest healthcare costs per person anywhere in the world, is overwhelmed by problems of both access to healthcare services and poor quality of healthcare.  It is clear that this is not a sustainable state of affairs, and something has to change.

Dr. Lighter’s stated goal for this book is to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to guide meaningful change and enable the development of a sustainable approach to delivering healthcare value.


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Kannan Ramanathan, PhD

Kannan Ramanathan has an MA in Economics and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Pune in India.  After working for 12 years as a consultant for various airlines in India, Somalia and Yemen, he returned to school and obtained a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He is a certified Black Belt and has extensive experience in applying Lean Six Sigma with various businesses of General Electric as Black Belt and Master Black Belt.   Dr. Ramanathan is presently a Clinical Associate Professor with the University of Texas at Dallas, where he teaches Lean Six Sigma and topics in health care quality.  He is particularly interested in the application of Lean Six Sigma to improving clinical and administrative processes in healthcare.  [email protected]  is Kannan’s email.

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