Advanced Multi-Project Management


advanced-multi-project-managementBook Title:  Advanced Multi-Project Management

Author:  Gerald I Kendall, PMP and Kathleen M. Austin

Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing

List Price:   $69.95

Format:  hard cover; 448 pages

Publication Date:   2013

ISBN: 978-1-60427-080-8

Reviewer:      John W Smyder

Review Date:              February 2013

Introduction to the Book

This book covers a lot of ground and will not be a single read. Before I had completed reading the book I was referring back to previous sections to harvest ideas to help mitigate things happening in my current role. Needless to say, I have this sitting close at hand for quick reference.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book very nicely lays out the typically fundamental problems with many multi-project environments as a starting point. From there the authors move you to the high level solution areas. And finally, they move to specific areas of focus, providing practical methods to improve your multi-project execution.

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

This is not so much new as it is that few will “speak it aloud” and that is the recognition that in a multi-project environment the contention for resources (both human and capital) is a major source of failure.

Recognizing the restrictions imposed by that contention and managing it in a practical manner makes tremendous sense.

Highlights: What I liked!

I like how the book was separated into Parts with the Chapters as sub-sections. I find this makes it easier to refer back to and locate areas that I might want to refocus on in “my time of need”. In addition the questions at the end of each chapter can become a quick reference guide for you if you take the time to answer them. 


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About the Reviewer

flag-usaJohn-SmyderJohn Smyder 

John Smyder has been working as a Project Manager managing software and hardware projects from the proposal stage to customer acceptance and is now embarking on the role of Program Manager with Tier 1 customers of his employer.  He has twenty plus years designing, building and integrating highly technical systems and software for government and commercial applications.   John is experienced in requirements analysis, hardware/software integration, test requirements development and project management for government and commercial projects, as well as in the full life cycle of product development.  John Smyder can be contacted at [email protected].

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