Achieve Application Velocity by Leveraging the Salesforce Agile Accelerator


By Donald R. Hammons, MBA
VP Cloud Strategy – KPI Partners, Inc.


Frank Simmons
Client Executive – KPI Partners, Inc.



Top performing enterprises need application velocity. Exploitation of upper right quadrant cloud platforms (e.g. Salesforce App Cloud), require fast moving application migration and innovation in order to drive business results. As such, companies can obtain a competitive advantage when leveraging the social, mobile, and strategic benefits of Agile development methodologies, the Salesforce App Cloud, and the Salesforce Labs Agile Accelerator AppExchange package. This paper highlights how to take a best practice (i.e. Agile development) and integrate Agile into your enterprise. The focus of the paper includes considerations and benefits of the Agile investment to business and information technology team(s).

The Challenge

Enterprises with Salesforce investments have an ongoing challenge. The challenge is to implement efficient processes which deliver ongoing support and enhancements to the Salesforce investment while enabling application sponsors to prioritize development objectives, align ROI considerations, and link development to the strategic roadmap. Key challenges to implementation of efficient processes are the ability to deliver application velocity transparency and facilitate rapid risk identification/mitigation. In conjunction with considerations such as social, mobile, partner(s), external entity eco-systems, the Salesforce enterprise sponsors are under increasing pressure to deliver rapid value to the enterprise.

Strategic Considerations

The two major considerations are enterprise alignment and Agile deployment best practices.

In terms of enterprise alignment, the following factors are key to success…


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About the Authors

pmwj42-Jan2016-Hammons-HAMMONSDonald R. Hammons

California, USA



Donald R Hammons
, MBA is a cloud entrepreneur and career technologist.   As a U.S. Navy telecommunications expert, Don won the 1997 Naval Communications Atlantic Sailor of the Year award for his work in driving IT innovation and process improvements for the Atlantic Fleet Telecom Command. In his civilian career, Don has been a frequent contributor to the PM World Journal, he holds the MBA in Program Management and International Business from the University of Texas at Dallas and he currently resides in the Silicon Valley where he holds several key information technology positions including the Founder/CEO position for Perigee360, Inc. Don also serves as Vice President of Cloud Strategy for KPI Partners, Inc. and is an Advisory Board Member for San Francisco start-up mxHERO – a Mail2Cloud platform technology. He can be contacted at [email protected]


pmwj42-Jan2016-Hammons-SIMMONSFrank Simmons

Massachusetts, USA



Frank Simmons
is Salesforce.com certified professional with over 23 years proven business consulting and project management accomplishments in IT, manufacturing, real estate, and government agencies. He is a strong advisor to executive management providing organizational leadership in the area of enterprise cloud adoption and platform rollouts supporting global organizations with multiple business units. At KPI Partners, Inc. as a Client Executive, Frank supports sales enablement and delivery for KPI’s cloud-enabled customer base. Frank resides in Boston, Mass. Frank can be contacted at [email protected]