A Case Study on the Implementation of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in The Canal Reconstruction along Crude Oil Pipeline in Indonesia


By Hery Mada Indra Paska, MMT, CCP

Dumai, Riau, Indonesia


Changing in scope during construction phase is the most common problems causing project delays among Indonesian contractors. Most of the scope changing is due to poor engagement with customer and to a failure in identifying customers’ needs during project scoping.

This paper aims to examine the aptness of QFD using HOQ in project planning and designing to guarantee that both the project requirements and project scope accommodate all the customer requirements, and to demonstrate the use of QFD during construction phases in a real project management implementation as control tools in the project construction.

The result of the QFD implementation using HOQ showed that 25 detailed final project scopes were developed from traditionally-generated nine project scopes.

It is concluded that the QFD is proven as a quality road map tools to help a project manager navigate the planning and construction process in project management. In addition, QFD is useful as smart sensitivity check when there are changes in the project requirements as all evolution in design is recorded from the beginning so that any alteration during the process of project planning is traceable.

Keywords: Quality Function Deployment, Customer Requirements, House of Quality


Changing project scope during construction phase is common in Indonesia, with most of additional scopes inserted during the construction phase. The change always results in additional project cost and leads to project delay. To avoid both additional cost and project delay, some contractors will simply accept the additional scope of work by compromising quality, that is, by selecting minimal acceptable quality material in order to reduce cost and to recognize the substantial quality immediately after the work is complete is difficult. In one of the researches in the past, the author analyzed 40 projects from 10 contractors in Indonesia to assess the project performances and root causes of project delays.


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About the Author


pmwj39-Oct2015-Paska-PHOTOHery Mada Indra Paska

Dumai, Riau – Indonesia



Hery Mada Indra Paska is an oil and gas professional who has worked in companies with multicultural environments, namely Freeport Indonesia and Chevron Pacific Indonesia. He is currently a Cost Engineer – Project Control at Chevron Pacific Indonesia in Indonesia. Hery has 10 years’ experience in mining and petroleum business, in various functions such as project control, project portfolio management, project close out and project information management. He holds a Master of Management Technology, Faculty of Technology Industry from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He lives in Dumai, Riau – Indonesia and can be contacted at [email protected] .