Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management

Book Title:  Maximizing Benefits from IT Project Management
Authors:  Jose Lopez Soriano
Publisher:  CRC Press – Taylor & Frances Group
List Price:   US$69.95
Publication Date:    December 2011
ISBN:  978-1-4398-4156-3
Reviewer:   Manuela Dobre
Review Date:  May 2012


Introduction to the Book

José Lopez Soriano offers to readers an alternative to the classic project management approach based on simplified, practical ways of evaluation, scoping, changes, risks management, altogether under globalization and IT progress.

Agile method and all around it, has also a special attention in this work as being the direction to lean, low cost, more flexible practice.

Project Management performance is one of the points strongly highlighted from the introduction as a pillar of the success. Many large and famous consulting companies didn’t pay attention to their Project Management processes & performance and it costs them a failure.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book structure is given by the answer to the question: “How the Evolution and Influence of Knowledge Management has impacted the progress of Information Systems?”

Starting with a brief history about Perspectives on Computing Evolution, the research is moving on to the System Development Life Cycle Stages: Introduction, Planning, Analysis,  Design,  Build, Test, and Implementation.


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Manuela Dobre, PMP

Manuela Dobrea has more than 25 years of IT experience, mostly Information Systems for private organizations and government institutions in different industries – geographical information systems, telecom billing, clients including manufacturers and distributors.  She started as a programmer, grew with experience and moved to managerial positions and business leads. In all these years she had the chance to work on different large projects doing business analysis, design solutions, development and implementation of those solutions.  She is currently employed by a large company developing solutions for Telecom Billing and Digital Systems all around the world.  Manuela has an MBA in Business Management (2005) and a recent PMP certification.  Contact at [email protected].

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