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Book Title: 9 Habits of Project Leaders: Experience and Data-driven Practical Advice in Project Execution
Author:  Arun Singhal, Puja Bhatt
Publisher:  Project Management Institute, Incorporated
List Price:   $12.95/10.35
Format:  Spiral Binder; 65 pages
Publication Date:   2017
ISBN: 978-1-62825-179-1
Reviewer: Adriane Rivers, CAPM, PMP  
Review Date: May 2018




9 Habits of Project Leaders is a quick guide for practitioners of project management at all levels seeking to transform from project managers to project leaders. The book defines habits and how adopting them can help the reader achieve professional goals. The authors, Arun Singhal and Puja Bhatt, have a combined total of 34 years’ experience in project execution. They wrote this book because they saw the need for books with knowledge about the habits or traits needed to be a project leader.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into 11 chapters that progressively guide the reader through steps on becoming effective and strong project leaders. Each habit directly relates to multiple knowledge areas found in the fifth edition of the PMBOK guide.

Starting with the first habit that focuses on taking ownership of the project to the final habit that encourages setting up a system to recognize and reward individual and group contributions, the book provides habits that are easily adoptable. The book ends with a summary of all 9 habits and how the authors compiled data for publication.


9 Habits of Project Leaders reminds practitioners that one of the main functions of project leaders is to communicate effectively with stakeholders, sponsors and management. Another reminder for project leaders is to focus on each project’s contribution to the company’s business value or strategic plan. Ultimately, all habits featured in this book assist in the development of strong project leaders.

The book focuses on habits ranging from taking ownership of a project, to enabling team decision making, suggestions for recognizing contributions, and how to communicate by documenting and sharing key data.

Highlights: What I liked!

I liked how the book provided real-world examples which made the material more relatable. I also liked how the authors added charts, statistics and references to knowledge areas from the PMBOK guide. I read 9 Habits of Project Leaders while working on my current project and it gave me courage to put several habits into action.


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About the Reviewer

Adriane Rivers

Maryland, USA



Adriane Rivers is a PMP certified Technology Project Manager with a global healthcare company. With a background in accounting, telecommunications and project management she has been successful at defining and guiding implementation of best practices, processes, and tools to drive productivity. Her career includes over 15 years with Matria Healthcare, Alere Health and Optum. Adriane is a member of the Project Management Institute Baltimore and Silver Spring, MD Chapters, and acquired her PMP certification January 2018.

She can be contacted at [email protected].


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