75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees


pmwj50-Sep2016-Arroyo-BOOKBook Title: 75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees         
Author: Paul Falcone
Publisher: AMACOM
List Price:   $21.95 USA        Format: Soft Cover
Publication Date: 2016      ISBN: 978-0-81443-669-1
Reviewer: Jennifer Arroyo, PMP          
Review Date: Aug 2016



A series of new trends in Talent Search, Human Capital Management, and business innovation change the way a next-generation manager interacts with his/her organization and talent. Any frontline manager who oversees daily business operations and is looking for opportunities to grow and develop leadership careers must focus on effective hiring, developing talent, and maximizing key employee retention as critical strategies to achieve organizational and personal success.

As a seasoned corporate HR executive in entertainment, healthcare, and the financial services industries, Paul Falcone makes frequent keynote speeches & presentations and has published half-a-dozen books about key human resources strategies that managers and executives need to know. His latest book,75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees (AMACOM June 2016), focuses on providing the best practices for managers to achieve “the leadership edge” which will lead to an effective operational performance for the organization by leveraging smart managerial leadership and insights.

Overview of book’s structure

This book summarizes the author’s HR insights and best practice experiences employed by his consulting services, Paul Falcone HR Strategies & Solutions, and past employment at Fortune 500 companies.

The detailed key features delivered by this book in each chapter include:

Chapter 1

Falcone tells the reader that “It’s nothing less than critical that your company- large or small, public or private, international or domestic, union or nonunion – invest heavily in creating and developing your online brand across multiple platforms such as the Big 5 social media locations – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and YouTube.” It’s a clear message from Falcone that why it’s essential to develop a successful branding strategy.

Research from LinkedIn shows that more than 50% of talented candidates identify reputable/brand as the number 1 factor in considering a job at a company. Falcone lays out 11 action plans focusing on Effective Hiring and Selection.

Chapter 2

Great Leaders are great communicators.” Falcone explains how to hone reader’s communication skills and demonstrate true value as a leader and caring human being. In this chapter, he lays out 11 action plans on Effective Leadership and Outstanding Communication.

Chapter 3

Falcone uses show-and-tell approach to show his reader the “how not-to” solution to each of the highlighted possible Communication Litigation Land Mines and Career Killers, for example: The “E” in Email Stands for “Evidence.” By engaging effective leadership and communication Falcone lays out 14 risk management strategies to minimize managerial and organizational risks.

Chapter 4

Falcone provides 13 useful risk management best practices to help strengthen leadership defense capacity and to protect both the leader and the company. For example: “By understand the history and rules of Employment Laws manager can effectively avoid Leadership Litigation Land Mines” is a logical advice to avoid the “L” word.

Chapter 5

This chapter focuses on how managers can build trust, respect, and camaraderie in the workplace. Falcone shares practical tips on how to become a leader who inspires team members, especially the top performers, by example and who creates an environment in which people can motivate themselves based on the strong team dynamics. In this chapter Falcone lays out 13 action plans on the topic of “Inspiring Employee Engagement”.


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North Texas, USA



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Ms. Arroyo has more than 8 years of project management experience in the Global Business Marketing, Talent Development, and Financial Services industries. With her diverse global and regional PM leadership experiences, Ms. Arroyo is passionate about helping clients and businesses achieve branding and PM success by effective social media project management.

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