5 tips to develop your career in project management


By Alam Braga 


With some frequency I get people wondering how to enter the career of projects or hoping to be a project manager, having arrived in this world long ago, and others who even now being somewhat familiar with the subject do not know how to develop.

First: there is no ready formula to be applied and it depends on the knowledge of each one, where you work, the environment you live in, the opportunities you have and how much funds you have to invest (think that will be necessary investment for courses, books, seminars, events and study materials).

Therefore, it is easy to see that each one may have a different way from the other to reach the same place.

Still, it is very important to know that no one becomes a project manager from one day to another. A project manager, to be considered a good project manager, needs experience, and this is acquired only with time.

So do not be hasty thinking that tomorrow I will be a manager and plan your career to get the maximum performance out there.

Starting from the beginning…

Tip 01: Make a basic course

If you’ve never dealt with projects, or are unfamiliar with the terms, tools and techniques, I recommend you to start with a basic course (about 40-80 hours) in order to know what is actually managing projects, how to communicate with the project manager, and what can be done to improve project outcomes being the same team.

There are many companies that apply this type of course. To find a good company, visit the local PMI chapter nearest you; without doubt there will be a course provider that can help.

If after doing the course you’re still animated about the topic, go ahead with the next tip.

Some people may have limited resources to make progress, that are still a little bit expensive in Brazil, then the way is seeking to develop introductory books. My tip is the book “Gerenciamento de projetos” of the autors André Bittencourt Do Valle, Joao Ricardo Barroca Mendes, and Marcantonio Fabra from FGV, which brings the topic in a very didactic method.


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About the Author

flag-brazilalam-bragaAlam Braga, PMP

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Alam Braga, PMP is a Project Coordinator at SISTEMA FIRJAN, and a teacher at Universidade Veiga de Almeida and other universities. Expert in Project management focused on software. Graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ) in 2009. Working for FIRJAN (RJ´S Business Organization) since 1996. PMP certified by PMI. Currently developing FIRJAN´s project management systems, Alam Braga has also a personal site at www.alambraga.com.br with hints about Project Management. Volunteer in PMI-RJ (Communications VP).  [email protected]