Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management


lean-supply-chainBook Title:  Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Author:  Paul Myerson

Publisher:  McGraw Hill

List Price:   US$40.00

Format:  hard cover; 270 pages

Publication Date:   2012

ISBN: 978-0-07-176626-5

Reviewer:      Cora Crowell, MBA, PMP

Review Date:              December 2012

Introduction to the Book

This book elaborates on what lean supply chain and logistics is about and contrasts it with the more commonly known lean manufacturing. Supply chain is introduced by defining its scope, which according to the SCOR model, is made up of five management processes such as Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return. The book presents ways to implement lean supply chain and logistics by listing the eight types of wastes, lean tools to use and lean opportunity assessment, among others.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The major sections of this book are as follows:

  1. Definition of lean
  2. History of lean manufacturing and evolution of lean supply chain and logistics
  3. How to look for eight sources of wastes and eliminate them
  4. Basic lean tools
  5. Advanced lean tools
  6. Just-in-time (JIT) in supply chain
  7. Implementing lean at the warehouse
  8. Lean global supply chain and logistics
  9. Lean implementation strategies

10. Role of technology in lean implementation

11. Extending lean implementation to suppliers and customers

  1. 12.  Some real lean experiences of prominent companies

Highlights: What’s New in this Book

Myerson has successfully turned the spotlight from lean manufacturing to lean supply chain and logistics. A lean system is a “pull system” where production activities should be in response to what the customers want, not based on forecast. Forecast does not efficiently account for variability, and companies deal with variability usually through inventory which Myerson calls as ”necessary evil”.


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About the Reviewer

phillipines-flagflag-usacora-crowellCora Crowell, MBA, PMP

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