The History of Project Management


Book Title:  The History of Project Management

Authors:  Mark Kozak-Holland
Publisher:  Multi-Media Publications, Inc.
List Price: US$59.95

Format:  Hardcover, 640 pages
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-554-89096-5

Reviewer: Johnny Gan, PMP


Introduction to the Book

I was attracted by this book is because of the author, Mark Kozak-Holland, who is the principal author of the lessons from History series. In this book, The History of Project Management, Mark provides detailed historical material, proves once again that project management is as old as the beginning of civilization, and that project management has been a continuous evolution. As Mark said, “This book aims to be the first in linking the project management of the past with the present.”

Actually, project management itself is obtaining experience constantly from the history of the practice. Spanning the last 4500 years, the evolution of project management has been very much driven by external factors like war and economic forces where, for example, there have been business pressures to organize resources and meet end goals. Many projects were so complex and required sophisticated management techniques. How do you approach the daunting end goal? Mark is leading us to find out the answers from history stories within this book.

Overview of Book’s Structure

For most people, the starting point of reference in the history of Project Management is the Great Pyramid at Giza. This is a monumental structure for its time, 2550 BC. In examining historical projects, it is essential to view the project from the lens of that period. Undoubtedly the projects were executed with very different mind sets, by different cultures, and with different belief systems.

Given the rather academic tone of the introductory of historical projects, most readers will probably find the book surprisingly easy to follow by comparison. This book divides all projects broadly into 3 mainly types:


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