26th IPMA World Congress opens in Crete, Greece


by Jouko Vaskimo

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Professor Dr John-Paris Pantouvakis, the Chairman of the 26th IPMA World Congress, Mr Miles Shepherd, the Chairman of the Congress Program, and Mr Roberto Mori, the President of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) opened the 26th IPMA World Congress in the Mediterranean island of Crete on 29th October 2012. The theme of the 26th IPMA World Congress, the first one to be organized in Greece, is “Integrating Project Management Standards”. The congress, which comprises an extensive system of plenary sessions with keynote presentations by some of the most renowned experts in the profession, simultaneous parallel sessions with both practitioner and scientific foci, and a generous offering of social events surrounding the official congress program, takes place at the Creta Maris Convention Centre, located in the Hersonissos district of Crete on 29th … 31st October 2012. The congress is organized by the Network of Project Managers in Greece (PM-Greece), the Greek IPMA Member Association, in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), under auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure.

Professor Pantouvakis and Mr Shepherd opening the 26th IPMA World Congress (photos courtesy Jouko Vaskimo)

Professor Pantouvakis, the Chairman of the 26th IPMA World Congress, was pleased to have the congress start with participants from over 40 countries. Professor Pantouvakis sincerely welcomed all congress participants, and warmly invited everyone to enjoy the official congress program, and the social program surrounding the official program. Mr Shepherd welcomed congress participants, explained the structure of conference program, and invited the congress participants to actively participate in the plenary sessions, the individual streams, the poster sessions as well as the symposia and panel sessions in the program. The conference program includes plenary sessions with seven state-of-the-art keynote presentations, ten simultaneous parallel tracks, posters sessions, symposia and panels with over 200 topics. The three-day congress is aimed for all project management practitioners from practice organizations as well as scholars from universities and the academia.

Professor Pantouvakis, the Congress Chairman, was very happy with the successful start of the congress, and commented “Organizing this congress among the challenging economic situation in Europe, and especially in Greece, has been our ‘Ithaca’ for the past year. The road to success has appeared narrow, full of bends, and lonely at times, however, this has made progressing towards the event ‘full of adventure, full of discovery’. We never encountered ‘Laestrygonians and Cyclops’ on our way, unless we brought them along inside our souls, but we visited ‘Phoenician ports and Egyptian cities’ to introduce ideas, courage and wishful thinking. Today I am pleased and honoured to welcome all participants of the 26th IPMA World Congress to the five-star Creta Maris Convention & Golf Resort at Hernissos, Crete”.  Professor Pantouvakis can be contacted at [email protected] .

The opening ceremony participants were also addressed by Mr George Alexakis, the Regional Councillor of the prefecture of Crete, Mr Constantinos Filippakis, the Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Hersonissos, and Mr Stacy Goff, the Chairman of the Congress Advisory Committee, and IPMA Vice-President in charge of events and marketing. Mr Alexakis and Mr Filippakis warmly welcomed the congress participants to Crete and Hersonissos. Mr Goff welcomed everyone to the most important IPMA event in 2012, and encouraged all congress participants to collect a complementary umbrella form the IPMA stand at the congress exhibition hall. Mr Goff explained the umbrella, which is usually unnecessary at Crete at this time of the year, serves as a reminder of the umbrella status of IPMA towards the IPMA Members Associations.

The highlights of the congress opening ceremony were the keynote presentations by Professor Dr Lynn Crawford, titled “Competition, Comparison, Collaboration – Mapping a Pathway through Project Management Standards” and Professor Dr Nino Grau, titled “Standards and Excellence in Project Management – in whom do we trust?”.

For further information on the 26th IPMA World Congress please navigate to www.ipma2012.gr .

Network of Project Managers in Greece (PM-Greece) is the National Member Association of IPMA and ICEC. It originates from the PM-Greece Yahoo group established in 2001 to link together people from universities, contractors, construction management companies, and specialized software houses with an active interest in the application of project management in Greece. Since 2005 PM-Greece has been legally established in Greece as a non-profit scientific association and is a member of IPMA. PM-Greece membership is open to anyone with an active interest in Project Management who lives, works, or has an interest in Greek project affairs. For further information please navigate to www.pmgreece.gr .

Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the oldest global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 50 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA annual World Congress is one of the largest and most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2011 and 2012 is Mr Roberto Mori. For further information please navigate to www.ipma.ch .

About the Author

Jouko Vaskimo


Jouko Vaskimo works as Development Manager at Aalto PRO, the Professional Development unit of Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. He is also an International Correspondent and Editorial Advisor for PM World in Finland. Jouko graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1992. Since then he has held project management related assignments with increasing levels for responsibility at Sinebrychoff Ltd, the oldest brewery in Scandinavia; Kemira Engineering Ltd, the leading chemicals manufacturer Finland; DNA Finland Ltd, a large Finnish mobile phone operator; Nokia Business Infrastructure; and Ixonos PLC, one of the leading Finnish ICT consultancies. Jouko holds the IPMA Level C (Project Manager) and Level B (Senior Project Manager) certificates and is the chairman of the Finnish IPMA Certification Body operating IPMA certification in Finland. He is a member of the Project Management Association Finland Board of Directors and a founding member of PMI Finland Chapter. He received the PMP certificate in 2003. Since October 2007, Jouko has been heading the Finnish delegation to ISO/PC 236 and ISO/TC 258. Jouko resides in Espoo, Finland and can be best contacted at jouko.vaskimo“at”aalto.fi .