The Principles of Project Finance, 1st Edition


Book Title:  The Principles of Project Finance, 1st Edition

Author:  Rod Morrison
Publisher:  Gower
List Price:   $220.00
Format:  Hard cover; 528 pages
Publication Date:   2012
ISBN: 978-1-4094-3982-0

Reviewer:      Jamey Reeves
Review Date:              July 2012

The Principles of Project Finance goes into the techniques to fund large capital expenditure projects, primarily in the energy and infrastructure areas.  This is a niche market that exceeded the 2 billion dollar mark in 2010.

A project company is established to build and run the project which raises both debt and equity to fund the project.  Actually, it is a project of financial investment management for the ultimate goal of successful capital expenditure funding.

This book was not written by one or even a few authors.  There were 55 authors and contributors to this book.  The contributors were from all over the world.  Likely their communication styles were quite diverse.  The effort the editor, Rod Morrison, took to put all the contributors’ text in to an effective communication of ideas, was no small task.  The book is obviously long, but never did I feel like I was being weighed down by massive amounts of information.

What I liked about this book was that there was detailed, useful information that was presented in a writing style that was easy to digest.  The efforts of the numerous contributors complimented each other in a way that enables the reader to build on the concepts presented.

The book is written in four sections.  The first section covers the perspective of bankers, lawyers and financial advisors along with environmental, insurance and construction market issues.  The second section looks at how project finance is used in various sectors of the energy and infrastructure market.  The third section takes an in-depth look at various project finance markets around the world.  Lastly, the fourth section presents case studies from Thomson Reuters Project Finance International, the leading source of global project finance information.

Something new in this book is the thought that a good project may be one that does not meet time or budget constraints…


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