1st Annual Project Management Consulting Forum and IPMA Festival of Knowledge in Slovenia


1st Annual Project Management Consulting Forum and IPMA Festival of Knowledge in Slovenia

26 September 2012 – Ljubljana, Slovenia – The 1st Annual Project Management Consulting Forum and IPMA Festival of Knowledge, with the theme “Knowledge Market & New Business Models”, will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia during 10-12 October 2012.  Venue will be the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  The main Organizer of the event is CCIS – Chamber of Business Services of Slovenia.  Co-organizers include AMCOS – Association of Management Consulting of Slovenia; IPMA – International Project Management Association – Research Management Board; ICEC – International Council of Cost Engineering Council; and ZPM – Project Management Association of Slovenia, Council of Experts.

Event Background

Personal and organizational excellence is the key element for business success in a modern knowledge-based business environment. In contemporary business environment organizations their competitiveness is kept not only by focusing on their key competences and optimizing their own resources, but also by regional and global outsourcing and development of authentic, network-based business models. The key elements of dynamic, innovative business models are an envision of global industrial and business trends, identification of areas of business interests and performance, decisions about specialization and sourcing, allocation of outsourcing needs, development of authentic organizational support and a good leadership.

Event Objectives

  • To explore new challenges by presenting different international business cases from different industries and regions,
  • To discuss characteristics and trends of emerging global knowledge markets and the new roles of knowledge providers (universities, research organizations etc.), knowledge sellers (management consulting companies, training companies, sellers of different high value-added services etc.),  knowledge buyers (value migration on the markets of profit and non-profit organizations from different industries) and a business-supporting environment (chambers of commerce, different business-supporting agencies, professional associations etc.),
  • A critical analysis of the present global situation and the needs for strategic transformations, of  changes in personal and corporate attitudes and organizational as well as personal competences,
  • Needs for a corporate and personal culture change,
  • What do we need to achieve, what are the required changes and how to make it happen?

Who Should Attend

–       Knowledge workers (experts)  and managers from profit and non-profit organizations from different industries,

–       Academic researchers and managers of R&D organizations (universities, research institutes etc.),

–       Management consultants,

–       Managers and experts from companies who are selling high added-value products and services,

–       Project managers,

–       Entrepreneurs and freelance experts and

–       Other interested parties.

This is the first international event organized by different business and professional associations which, connected into a network, form an integral part of the knowledge market at the local, regional and global levels.  Managers, experts, consultants and researchers are invited to participate in this excellent international event and contribute their views and practical experiences.  Visit the event website at http://event.einovainstitut.eu/slovenia2012/.

President of the Organizing Committee is Majda Dobravc, M.Sc.  President of the Programme Committee is Dr. Brane Semolic.  For more information, contact Dr Semolic at [email protected].