APFPM welcome four new members – national project management societies in Bangladesh, China and Malaysia


30 June 2013 – The Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (APFPM) has announced that it has welcomed four new member associations into the federation so far in 2013, as follows:

apfpmInstitute of Project Management Bangladesh (IPMB) – In applying to represent Bangladesh, IPMB seeks to position itself as an integrating platform among different sectors of the nation’s economy, offering through project management, a space for knowledge generation and experience interchange. IPMB was established in May 2012, and the IPMB website is www.ipmb-bd.org.

Malaysian Asset & Project Management Association (MAPMA) – Initiated by Public Works Department Malaysia (JKR Malaysia), MAPMA is the professional association for asset and project management across all sectors. Its aim is to create the enhancement of asset and project management and its advancement as a profession.   As a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of asset and project management, MAPMA plans to introduce competency standards in facility and project management that are internationally benchmarked and contextualized to local condition and requirements. A project management certification scheme that provides a structured project management career pathway will also be established. For more details on MAPMA: www.mapma.org.my

China’s Beijing Project Management Association (BPMA) – BPMA are based in Beijing where there are many government officials and senior managers of state owned companies. BPMA has and opportunity and responsibility to promote effective project management philosophy, knowledge and methodology to many of the individuals controlling public resources.  For more details on BPMA: www.bpma-china.org

Malaysian Association of Construction Project Management (ACPM) – ACPM was formed on 22 March 2012, and sees itself as a strong collaborator and partner to other key Malaysian bodies like the Association of Architects Malaysia, the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and the Royal Institution of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia.  ACPM opens the door to project management to those trained in the construction-allied disciplines such as building science, construction management and others to partake in the business of construction. Information at http://www.acpm.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=66&Itemid=1

The Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (apfpm) is a regional grouping of independent project management professional societies in countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.  Now with member associations in 20 countries, the organization was formed to harness the synergies of project management related professional associations across the region.  Through international collaborative partnering these associations can more effectively grow and develop their organisations; leveraging the stature, strength, and connectivity of each other.  Membership is open to independent national Project Management associations from countries in the Asia Pacific region. For more information about apfpm or individual member associations, visit http://www.apfpm.org/index.php or contact the association directly at [email protected].