Alok Kaushik in India completes research internship



Recent master’s level graduate from Mumbai International School of Business Bocconi completes research internship for PM World Library

20 January 2017 – Dallas, TX, USA and Mumbai, India – PM World has announced that Mr Alok Kaushik has completed his project management research internship for the PM World Library (PMWL). Alok began his internship in late January and completed the program in November 2016. See his intern profile and research results at http://pmworldlibrary.net/alok-kaushik/.

170120-pmwj54-Alok-PHOTOAlok Kaushik is pursuing a post graduate program in business at MISB Bocconi. Alok holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science, and has five years of work experience in ERP systems.

The PMWL project management research program offers project management students the opportunity to conduct research and identify new resources for the library in exchange for recognition, visibility, five years of free access to the library, and introductions to others around the world. To learn more about this program and the dynamic students who are participating, go to https://pmworldjournal.net/university-interns/

According to David Pells, PMWL managing director, “Alok was an outstanding research intern. He identified and provided information related to some very useful project management resources. His recent research results related to NASA led to our creating a very robust section in the library where everyone can access many useful resources.”

Alok stated, “The internship for PM World Library was really interesting and useful. I had to take a few breaks during my final semester, but returned with enthusiasm to finish. I hope my research will be helpful to others and I thank Professor Marco Sampietro of SDA Bocconi for recommending me.”

Pells added, “Alok actually completed his internship in November, but some of the results were so full of information that we converted them into several. It then took some time to catch up, with his last results posted in January. His total exceeded the internship requirement, for which we are grateful.”

In addition to visibility and credit for their contributions, interns receive a Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation on successful completion. To learn more, go to http://pmworldlibrary.net/students/ and scroll down to internships. Interested students, professors or university representatives can contact [email protected]

In addition to the research internships, all students can receive two years of free PMWL membership. Go to http://pmworldlibrary.net/who-gets-free-basic-access/ or contact [email protected]

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