AIPM launches new PM Webinar series in Australia



11 January 2017 – Sydney, Australia – The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) has announced the launch of on online professional development program “PM Webinars” beginning in February 2017.

According to the AIPM notice, busy project professionals can now learn without leaving their desk, with webinars covering a wide range of topical project management themes accessible from wherever you might be in Australia. So no matter where you are located or what time of day it is, you will have an opportunity to link to others in the project management industry via AIPM’s PM Webinar series.

Series 1 – The Art of Less DOING

In AIPM’s first webinar series you will be taken on a journey to discover how systems thinking and Theory of Constraints in particular, can help all Project Manager’s apply their innate thinking capacity to identify and resolve why projects fail. We will explore the points of leverage that allow PM’s to deliver ‘more with less’ through the application of critical chain project management environments.

170111-pmwj54-aipm-IMAGE1Webinar 1 – Why Many Projects Fail: We all know that there is much greater leverage gained when addressing a problem’s root cause rather than merely, its symptoms.  Consequently Webinar 1 will start with a summary of the more traditional explanations of why projects fail but will delve deeper in order to identify the root cause/s that really matter. 14 February 2017, 12 noon to 1:00 pm AEDT Register Here

Webinar 2 – How CCPM Addresses the Causes of Project Failure: Based on the outcomes of Webinar 1, we will explore how the critical chain project management and buffer management methodologies neutralize these causes in a way which statistically results in a significant improvement in project success rates. 14 March 2017 12 noon to 1:00 pm AEDT Register Here

Webinar 3 – Buffer Management: The use of buffer management to act as a ‘shock absorber’ for variations in task completion durations is only one of its roles in improving the success rates of projects.  In Webinar 3, additional benefits of using buffer management to measure project progress will be explored and compared to the more traditional earned value management approach. 6 April 2017 12 noon to 1:00 pm AEDT Register Here

Webinar 4 – Applying CCPM and BM: The final webinar in this series will explore the implementation, risks and opportunities of CCPM and BM in both single and multi-project environments including what are the prerequisites for success. 11 May 2017 12 noon to 1:00 pm AEDT Register Here

Presenter: Gordon Dunbar, Senior Consultant, Author and Lecturer at ECU

170111-pmwj54-aipm-IMAGE2Gordon Dunbar is a senior consultant, author and lecturer with key experience in the design and implementation of continuous improvement and program/project management practices.  Gordon has extensive knowledge and experience in the inter/national resource sector including coal, copper, nickel, gold and iron ore and including downstream and central projects control in oil and gas.  He is a lecturer in the Masters in Project Management at ECU, Perth.

Gordon is recognised for developing and implementing best practice in process and project management methodologies across both technical and commercial disciplines.  He systematically applies the principles of the Theory of Constraints and sequence of what to change, what to change to and how to effect the change to deliver sustainable and enduring outcomes.

170111-pmwj54-aipm-IMAGE3Formed in 1976 as the Project Managers’ Forum, AIPM has been instrumental in progressing the profession of project management in Australia over the past 35 years. AIPM’s role is to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of project team members, project managers and project directors. AIPM’s vision is to be recognized by business, industry, and government as the key promoter, developer, and leader in project management professionalism. AIPM is the Australian national member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). More about AIPM is at www.aipm.com.au.

Source: AIPM