ACT-IAC Releases 2016 Presidential Transition Recommendations



Transforming Government Through Technology – A Report for the Next Administration

20 October 2016 – Fairfax, VA, USA – The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC), a U.S.-based public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through the application of information technology, has announced the release of their transition report containing recommendations for the next administration.

161020-pmwj52-act-iac-logoEffective, innovative use of information technology has revolutionized many private sector business models over the last 20 years. But government has largely failed to keep pace with industry’s business transformation and information technology revolution. The ACT-IAC transition papers, created by teams of private and public sector experts, outline a strategy for change in government based on the skills, practices, and culture that drive success in private sector companies.

“These papers provide a roadmap of actions for the next administration to begin to address the huge gap in effectiveness between public and private sector use of technology to transform business processes,” said Mark Forman and Roger Baker, co-chairs of the ACT-IAC transition effort. “From skilled people to effective management, from cybersecurity to citizen engagement, and from budget to innovation; these papers summarize the challenges government faces, and present considered recommendations for the next administration.”

To download the transition report, click here.

The American Council for Technology (ACT) and Industry Advisory Council (IAC) began in the 1970’s and continues to play a unique and important role in helping government to understand and take advantage of new technologies. Today, ACT-IAC provides an objective and vendor-neutral forum that is trusted by both government and industry.  ACT-IAC remains committed to creating a more effective and efficient government by providing a forum where those who share this vision can work together. More at https://www.actiac.org/