Todor S. Todorov

International Correspondent                             

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Sofia, Bulgaria 

Todor Stankov Todorov is a project management practitioner since 2002 and researcher in the field of project and program management since 2005. Holding a BS degree in International Economic Relations and MS degree in International Project Management, he is currently enrolled in a PhD program of the University of National and World Economy – Sofia, Bulgaria (UNWE).  During his BS, MS and PhD studies Todor has conducted several scientific researches in the field of project and program management including: “The problem of international funding and ways to assimilate grants for corporate development through programs and projects “ (BS thesis); “Public private partnership: precondition for the successful implementation of investment projects” (MS thesis); „Opportunities and threats within management of programs and projects financed by the European Union (International scientific conference Global perspectives 2020 and Bulgaria, UNWE, 22.03.2012); “Program management as a tool for the achievement of strategic objectives and policy implementation“ (26th IPMA World Congress, Crete, Greece, 29-31.10.2012); Evaluating project and program management as factor for socio-economic development within EU (27th PMA World Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30-03.10.2013).

Todor is currently finishing his PhD thesis in the field of program management and its influence and impact on the strategic change of organizations with supervisor prof. Bistra Boeva. Since 2009 he is junior researcher in a project “From project to program management: a systematic approach for generating competitive advantages and sustainable development”, financed by the Bulgarian Science Fund where he makes a young fellowship research in the field of program management.  In 2012 Todor made a PhD visit to “Skema Business School”, Lille, France with mentor prof. J Rodney Turner.  He has significant practical experience as project manager and consultant, advisor and communicator in the field of project and program management. He has worked as an external independent expert and evaluator in the field of projects and programs for the Bulgarian public sector including Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Economy. For the past ten years he has managed and consulted for over 35 industrial and public projects for private companies, NGOs and local authorities amounting over € 30 million. Since 2005 Todor is an indirect member of IPMA through Bulgarian Project Management Association.

Todor is also Chairman of INTERSTART – a cluster for the internationalization of Bulgarian SMEs and is a part-time lecturer at the University of National and World Economy for International Project Management MS classes.  Todor can be contacted at [email protected] or  [email protected]