Volume VIII, Issue 2 – February 2019


Interview with Zeynep Selen, Chair, Istanbul Project Management Association
By Ömer Berkay Dağlı (Turkey)

Featured Papers

Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Human Systems – Part 6: Human Life as a Project (The differential equation of human life)
By Pavel Barseghyan (Armenia and USA)

Improving Environmental Health Hazards Emanating from Indiscriminate Dumping of Solid Waste through Leadership Approach: A Case of Benin City, Nigeria
By Dr. Victor Nnannaya Okorie and Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju (Nigeria)

Review and comparison of various training effectiveness evaluation models for R & D Organization performance
By Gopa B. Choudhury and Vedna Sharma (India)

The Impact of Project Management Methodologies on Project Success: A Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain
By Hazem Hasan and Mukhtar Al-Hasheimi, PhD (Bahrain)

Capitalizing on Complexity in Modern Business Environments: A Network-Based Perspective for Projects and Organizations
By David Tain (Canada)

A perspective on project success levels in an organisational strategic management context
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

Income as Incentive: An Examination of Money as a Motivator Among Top Tier Employees
By Steve Ford (USA)

Change Management in Large and Complex Civil Infrastructure Projects:  District of Columbia Clean Rivers Project
By Stephen D. Lisse (USA)

Investigation of different alternatives in order to improve the motivation within a project team
By Charlotte Zago (France)

The rise of legal project management: Importance of project management to law firms
By Tzuyu Lai (Taiwan and France)

Which organizational structure will facilitate the success of your project?
By Ying Li (China and France)

How performance indicators and maintenance will become project managers’ best assets in the industry 4.0?
By Claire Lopez (France)

Agile Contracts: Effective Procurement for Enhanced Project Success in the Entertainment Industry
By Sarra Messai (France)

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Series Articles

Implementing Risk Management in the African Context (Risk Doctor Briefing)
By Liz Dewing (South Africa)

Contracting Models for Agile Projects (Project Business Management)
By Antje Lehmann- (Germany)

Uncertain Benefits: Understanding the impact of risk on benefits realization (Practical Benefits Management)
By Crispin (Kik) Piney (France)

Quality Management Process (Project Workflow Management)
By Dan Epstein (USA)

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Advisory Articles

If you can change you will see how others change
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Deliver Faster, More Innovative Solutions with Agile Project Management
By Kathy Frankle and John Johnson (USA)

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Commentary Articles

In Search of Project Management Nirvana
By Paul Dinsmore (Brazil)

Patriotism and Integrity are Critical Success Factors for Nigeria’s National Egalitarianism
By O. Chima Okereke, PhD (Nigeria and UK)

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Updates from Project Management Association Finland, PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

Bad news: IT Projects, HS2, Crossrail, BREXIT, skills shortage and new nuclear; Good news: Meggett extension, Hybrid Air Vehicles, Silverton Pier, Bloodhound Project, Alton’s Hydrogen Train Plan; and Captain Flinders’ grave was found (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

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Student Papers

Disputes in Construction Contracts: Commonly experienced but not fully understood
By Quentin Duchaussoy, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

Analysis of construction disputes shows what decision is the most suitable to undertake
By Ugo Grahek, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Sustainability: When companies take over the state responsibility
By Victoire Berger, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

Comparison of Payment Terms and Conditions of FIDIC, AIA, EJCDC, CSI and Consensus Docs Contracts with an actual contract
By Yasmine Laraki, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France and Morocco)

ADR, the new skyrocket to solve e-commerce conflict
By Bastien Bonneau, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Sustainable Construction: What must be included in sustainable contractual clauses
By Céleste Gonnon, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Alternative dispute resolution in the contracts of international package delivery
By Shuoting Zheng, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France and China)

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Second Editions

Activity Based Costing (ABC) – The Other Side of the Earned Value Coin?
By Dr. Paul Giammalvo (Indonesia)

Project Management Office Lifecycle (PMOLC): The Set-up, the build-out, and the sustainability journey
By Waffa Karkukly, PhD (Canada)

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Book Reviews

Implementing Project Portfolio Management (PMI)
By Dr. Te Wu and Dr. Panos Chatzipanos
Reviewed by Nancy Everett, PMP (USA)

Achieve PMP Exam Success, 6th Edition (J. Ross)
By Diane Altwies, PMP and Diane White, PMP
Reviewed by Ellie Sundstrom (USA)

Commercial Project Management: A Guide for Selling and Delivering Professional Services (Routledge)
By Robin Hornby
Reviewed by Tanner Trigg, PMP (USA)

The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge (HCMBOK), 3rd Edition (CRC Press)
By Vicente Goncalves and Carla Campos
Reviewed by Danny Boswell (USA)

Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management: Achieving the Next Level of Capability and Optimization (J. Ross)
By Murali Kulathumani
Reviewed by Edward A. Haskin (USA)

Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation through Technology (AMACOM)
By Isaac Sacolick
Reviewed by Pranab Das, PMP (USA)

Evolutionary Learning in Strategy-Project Systems (PMI)
By Paul Gardiner, Adil Eltigani, Terence Williams, Richard Kirkham, Lixiong Ou, Antonio Calabrese, Jonas Soderlund
Reviewed by Sean M. Thomas, PMP (USA)

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