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January 11, 2018 – Reston, USA – CPM is announcing that the Annual Workshop – EVM World 2018 – will be held May 30-June 1, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  This is the Premier Event in Integrated Program Performance Management (IPPM).  This year’s theme, Intelligently Linking Information for Better Program Management, embodies CPM’s mission and how we are leading the industry by helping you fit all the pieces together to gain a more comprehensive picture that allows for better program management.


EVM World was named a 2018 Project Controls Conference You Don’t Want to Miss by Shohreh Ghorbani, Director, Project Control Academy.  This is an annual list that boasts the best events held for education and innovation in the fields of project controls, cost, scheduling, EVM, planning, etc.  The list includes associations like AACEi, PMI, ICEAA, RICS and many more.

According to CPM’s President, Wayne Abba, in his most recent Presidential letter to the membership “[Performance Measurement]…principles remain intact …in government-wide acquisition and procurement regulations, in national and international standards, in professional and industrial associations, and in company management procedures.  CPM’s professional education and certification programs, workshops and symposia support all these disparate needs and help to advance the state of the art of integrated program performance management using earned value management and other techniques.”

According to Gordon Kranz of Enlightened Integrated Program Management, “We believe that the aerospace and construction industry can learn to manage programs better by using Building Information Modeling…At the center of earned value management is the requirement to claim technical progress based on objective criteria. During the development phase of programs objective criteria for progress claims are sometimes not straight forward. But if the cost and schedule could be electronically tagged to the system design artifacts as the design matures the technical, cost, and schedule status would be naturally integrated. The vision of BIM is to address this current lack of data integration issue throughout the project lifecycle.”

CPM is asking for abstract submissions for the education sessions at EVM World 2018. Go to www.evmworld.org/speakers for the requirements and submission.

See the program information as it unfolds at www.evmworld.org.

CPM is an international, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the disciplines of project management and performance measurement. We assist the earned value professional and project manager in professional growth and promote the application of earned value management and integrated performance measurement. We are a growing body of professionals dedicated to managing projects on time and on budget. For more, go to www.mycpm.org



Renee Škulić named 2017 best young PM researcher in Croatia



Young researcher from University of Rijeka wins coveted recognition

10 January 2018 – IPMA Young Crew Croatia has announced the winners of their annual Project Management Awards for 2017.  The award for Best young researcher in the field of project management went to Renee Škulić, a 24 year old young woman from Rijeka, Croatia. She graduated in July 2017 from the University of Rijeka, Faculty of tourism and hospitality Management in the top 10% of her graduating class. The award was announced at a ceremony in Zagreb on 9 December 2017.

Since October 2017 Renee works as the expert associate in the Centre for EU projects on the same Faculty. Her bachelor’s thesis (The importance of Goals Setting for a successful project realization) and master’s thesis (Virtual Project Teams as a Feature of Contemporary Business) were both related to project management and with her master’s thesis she won the prize of the best young researcher in the field of project management under the Project Management Awards by the IPMA Young Crew Croatia. She is a project management enthusiast and will stream to develop her career in the field of project management.

Renee Škulić (on right) with friend Tina Gojak; photo courtesy of Young Crew Croatia

Award winning research

With the increasing globalization and development of communication technologies, more and more people work in multifunctional, geographically distributed teams. The challenges of virtual project teams’ operations are to create trust among members and to choose the right information communication technology. Based on the aforementioned, a survey was conducted with the aim of obtaining specific data. Research questions that were being explored and verified are: Are virtual project teams a feature of contemporary business, is it more difficult to gain trust in virtual teams than in traditional ones, and can, once that the high level of trust is achieved within the team, a virtual project team be as efficient as the traditional one.

The above mentioned research questions have been empirically proven in the research part of the paper. The research was conducted through an online survey that contained 23 questions and covered 5 research areas. Most questions contained statements with which the respondents had to agree with according the Likert scale of five degrees. The sample consists of business consultants for projects and 90% of them usually work in virtual teams within which most of them carry out the duties of project managers. The research has shown that virtual teams require a significant level of trust between virtual team members and that the impossibility to read nonverbal signs is one of the greatest challenges for this type of team. In exploring the effectiveness of virtual teams, the respondents believe there are no significant differences in the issue compared to traditional teams.

Furthermore, the research has shown that sophisticated communication technology improves collaboration within virtual teams, and that the defined communication plan contributes to the success of virtual teams. The respondents for everyday communication with team members mostly use e-mail and phone. The conducted research has resulted in project management contributions through understanding of the general features of virtual project teams, understanding the importance of trust and collaboration for virtual and traditional teams, and through various findings related to ICT and effectiveness in virtual project teams. Contributions to this paper can also be found in defining the methodological approach to researching this interesting issue within the project management. The application of defined methodologies in other researches and other samples of respondents would increase the comparability of results and their generalization.

Practical contribution to the work relates to the fact that the research results point to project managers on which elements to pay more attention and invest more effort while leading virtual project teams (and partly traditional ones). The conducted research and the obtained results represent a foundation for future research regarding the virtual project teams. It can be concluded that the virtual project teams have more room for improvement, and after realizing the potential of improving virtual team operations, and after implementing them in practice, high quality virtual project teams could become the key competitive advantage of each organization.

Young Crew Croatia (YCC) is a part of IPMA Young Crew, the global network for young professionals enthusiastic about project management. It is a platform for young project management professionals and students up to the age of 35 and it is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. Young Crew is a part of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

IPMA Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of leaders of tomorrow. Young Crew is an active network of young professional project managers and students aged 25 to 35 who believe in community and the building of a worldwide young professional project management family. With over 20 member countries, IPMA Young Crew provides experiential learning through interaction and information exchange among young project managers. For more information visit www.ipma.ch/young-crew/

Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, the IPMA is the oldest global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of 60+ national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. For further information navigate to www.ipma.world



Call for Short Papers for the 6th IPMA Research Conference



International project management research conference to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 2-3 September 2018

Reported by Jouko Vaskimo in Helskinki

3 January 2018 – Zurich, Switzerland – The International Project Management Association (IPMA) has issued a call for papers for the next IPMA project management research conference.  With the theme of “Project Management and its impact on societies”, this important gathering of project management researchers and scholars will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 2-3 September 2018.

The IPMA Research Conference was founded in 2013, and as a Think Tank it aims to bring researchers, experts, scholars and practitioners in project management together who share a common passion for their discipline. During the conference, they discuss and exchange research ideas and achievements on the topic of projects and its management. The distinctive feature of this small in size conference is the intense dialogue between practitioners and academics which can neither be found at scientific or professional conferences.

The annual international conference has been held in Germany, China, South Africa, Iceland and South Korea since its beginning and aims to bring together experts from all countries worldwide to increase the mutual understanding of the global challenges of project managers in diverse environments and industries. The special spirit of the IPMA Research Conferences can be particularly felt in the World Café sessions where the participants can gain new insights and perspectives for today´s challenges in project management.

2018 conference theme: “Project management and its impact on societies”

Modern project management was developed in the 1970s in industrial sectors like aerospace, aeronautics, defence and construction industry. From here the methods were taken over to industries like automotive, mechanical engineering, but also IT, insurances or banking. Today project management is applied in education, the health sector, sports, public administration and politics, but also in private life as professions like career planner show. The global trend of “Projectification” that comprises all areas of professional and private life is ubiquitous.

The scope of the 6th IPMA Research Conference 2018 is to develop an overview about the degree of projectification in the different national economies. Are there differences between the levels of projectification between developed, emerging and developing countries? Is the level of projectification higher in national economies that are based on the service sector or on the manufacturing industry? What are the key drivers for projectification? Does the economic cycle have an impact on the level of projectification of a national economy? And if this is the case, how does it work: as a leading indicator or as a lagging indicator?

A second aim of the IPMA Research Conference 2018 is to explore the consequences of the global trend of projectification on societies. In times of increasing automatisation and digitalisation of the standard line processes in organisations, more and more people work in projects to realize the strategies of executives, to create innovations and to further develop these ideas into new products and services, to develop marketing campaigns or to improve internal processes in organisations. Employment contracts are becoming increasingly limited to the duration of a project. This seems to give greater flexibility both to the employer and the employee. Long-term or even life-long employment will become an exception. But what does this projectification development mean for the individual, for the organisations and for the societies, for the social security systems like unemployment insurances or pension systems, for the planning of the private life and family planning, or for decision making processes e.g. for private mortgage lending? The IPMA Research Conference 2018 aims to pursue answers to these urgent questions.

Projectification leads to the fact that public projects like infrastructure projects become more transparent as the introduction of project management leads to transparent project governance structures in public administration. The approval and execution of major public projects like streets, public transportation, schools and universities, hospitals or high-speed data networks can lead to better way of value creation for a country for the sake of its citizens and a better life for everyone.

This call for short papers is meant to encourage a broad range of submissions. The authors are encouraged to reach beyond the usual boundaries of the project domain, and to embrace innovative approaches for further developing our understanding of project management.


The following subtopics and workshop streams are planned:

  • Status of projectification of societies
  • Consequence of the global projectification trend for individuals, organisations and societies
  • Public administration based on transparent project governance structures
  • National project maturity levels / index measurement
  • Value creation through projects/ project management for the society

Submission guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit proposals for short presentations of their work in progress, new ideas or recent results. We encourage submissions from all areas related to project management. Short papers should be of no more than 500 words by March 31, 2018. Authors of accepted short papers will be expected to provide a full paper by May 31, 2018 and to present their ideas in a presentation at the IPMA Research Conference.

  • Short outline of the content (500 words)
  • References
  • Biographical details of the author

Please submit a .pdf file of your short paper by March 31th 2018 to: [email protected].

For further information please contact: [email protected].

The 2018 IPMA Research Conference coordinators: Yvonne Schoper, Helgi Thor Ingason, Raphael Albergarias, Marcos Rego

Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, IPMA is one of the world’s oldest project management professional organizations. IPMA is a federation of more than 55 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA sponsors research, standards, awards, seminars, an annual world congress and the IPMA Young Crew, all related to professional project, programme and portfolio management. For more information about IPMA, visit www.ipma.world.

Source: IPMA